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Solving Laguna Beach Shipping Needs

We now offer the largest selection of shipping options in Laguna Beach! Ship FedEx/UPS/USPS and for international shipments we also offer services via DHL as well!

Our rates are highly competitive and we are happy to offer a quote for your shipment in store or by phone (with dimensions/weight).

Have an online return with a prepaid label by Amazon or another retailer? Drop it by and be on your way. Fast and easy - skip the line and drop it off directly at the counter.

We also offer packaging services (at a cost) for your shipment if you’d like to ship an item but don’t have the box/envelope you need. We have a wide variety of boxes and packing materials to ensure your shipment makes it there safely!

Our shipping cut-off times are as follows
FedEx Express Monday - Friday 4:30pm Saturday 2:30
FedEx Ground / UPS Air/Ground Services Monday - Friday 4:30pm

You are welcome to ship packages/drop off after these times within business hours, however the package will depart the following business day. 🙂