Welcome - and thanks for stopping by! 

My Laguna Office changed ownership in August 2020, and I'm the new owner! My name is Lauren Fisher and I recently moved back to the US after living 6 years in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  

There I got my first business-owning experience by running an adorable little supermarket called A Taste of Home. We sold imported British, American, and South African food and drinks to the locals (both expats and Dutchies) of Haarlem! (Fun fact: the building we occupied was built in 1606 - talk about old!)

After moving back to the States in 2019, and selling my business on to another buyer, I knew I would have to get back into business ownership! I have always been a huge fan of mail - so when I saw My Laguna Office for sale, it felt like it was meant to be! (Fun fact: I even have a small tattoo to express my longtime love for 'snail' mail) 

 I'd love to get to meet you as well as all of Laguna Beach! It feels like such a little slice of Europe here in California. 

 Stop by and let's have a chat!